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Where is the error in this?

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Try this

<?phpsession_start();include('themesys.php')?> <br><br><div class="bbox">  <center>  <?php  if (isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) { $con = mysql_connect("mystuff","mystuff","mypw") or die("Could not connect to hostserver: " . mysql_error());mysql_select_db("mydb") or die("Could not select database: " . mysql_error()); $id = $_SESSION['user_id'];$sql="INSERT INTO discussions (name, desc, maker) VALUES('{$_POST['namevalue']}', '{$_POST['descvalue']}','$id')";mysql_query($sql) or die("MySQL error: " . error());echo "Discussion started!";   mysql_close($con);} else {header('Location: login.php');}?> </div></body>

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$sql="INSERT INTO discussions (name, desc, maker)VALUES('".$_POST[name]."', '".$_POST[desc]."', '$id')"; This is the right way to write you can also write in this manner $sql="INSERT INTO discussions (name, desc, maker)VALUES('".$_POST['name']."', '".$_POST['desc']."', '$id')"; ('".$_POST['name']."' this particular key word can accepts the values perfectly.

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The error is due to a reserved word being used desc, it is reserved for describing which order you require as in descending or ascending. if you can't change field name try using backticks `desc`. OOPS! i see this has already been pointed out, guys the problem has been found, give it up.

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