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Cannot display username from session

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HiHere is the login page

<?session_start();  session_register("login_session");  $username = "";$password = ""; if (isset($_POST["Username"]))   $username = $_POST["Username"];if (isset($_POST["Password"]))   $password = $_POST["Password"]; if ($username != "" && $password != "") {    $link = mysql_connect("localhost","root","root");   mysql_select_db("database");    $sql = "SELECT * FROM trainee WHERE password='";   $sql.= $password."' AND username='".$username."'";   $result = mysql_query($sql);    if (mysql_fetch_row($result) != false) { 	  $_SESSION["login_session"] = true;   if ($username = "trainee"){   header("Location: student.php");}	}else  echo '<script type="text/javascript">  window.onload=function(){alert("It is incorrect! Please enter again!");}  </script>';   mysql_close($link);}?>

Below is the form for login

<div class="sidebar">		  <div class="sidebar_item" id="login_form">			<p> </p>			<form method="post" action="login_stu.php">   <fieldset>   <legend align="center">Trainee Login</legend>			  <p>				<label for="ID"> Username:</label>				<input type="text" name="Username" />			  </p>			  <p>				<label for="PASSWORD"> Password:<br />				</label>				<input type="password" name="Password" />			  </p>	<p align="center">				<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Login" style="height:1.7em; width:3.5em;"/>	</p>	 </fieldset>			</form>		  </div>		</div>

I got a page requiring me to display the usernameAnd I have tried the following code but failed.

<?session_start();echo $_SESSION['username'];?>

<?session_start();echo $username;?>

Any idea? Thank you. :huh:

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Since you never set $_SESSION['username'] equal to anything, it will only echo out null. Also, $username = "trainee" is silently failing because you are setting equal to and not testing if equal to. This is a remarkably common mistake of using = when you meant to use ==.

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You could to check empty fields with php empty() function

if (isset($_POST["Username"]))   $username = $_POST["Username"];if (isset($_POST["Password"]))   $password = $_POST["Password"]; if ($username != "" && $password != "") {


if (isset($_POST['Username']) || isset($_POST['Password']) || !empty($_POST['Username']) || !empty($_POST['Password']) {//The POST username & passworx exist + not empty												  } else {//There was no username or password given}

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