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another div problem

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hey guys, I seem to have a few problems with my divs. I've added my .html and .css file so you can check my code. It might be a bit messy in those files so i hope it's still understandable. here are my problems. First one: there's a small white space in between the upper 2 black bars. I want this space to be as wide all the way down to the footer. Somehow it won't work and I can't figure out why. It looks like the containing div is messing it up. second problem: the small divs on the right side seem to be a few pixels too big on the right and go outside of the containing div. How can i prevent this from happening? It looks like this is also happening to the 4 bigger divs on the right but I'm not sure. Last problem: The footer is acting weird and i just can't figure out how to fix it. I'm actually thinking all these problems have a single solution to make it all work. But at the moment i am just clueless. I hope some one can help me out here.It would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance! Porkypie style3.csstest.html

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