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Problem about calculate adjacent mines

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I am currently working on a minesweeper gameicon1.png function about calculate adjacent mines,i have done the fully code now, but i might some error inside itso when i open up the page, there's no number came out.My target is when i open up a browser and there will be ten mines withnumber around it can someone tell me what i should correct? this is the code to lay 10 random mines,it working good: Code:

function addmines () { 	var mine = 9;	var mineNumber = 0;	var n = 10; //number of mines	while (n>0) {		var row = Math.floor(Math.random()*9);		var col = Math.floor(Math.random()*9); 		var id = "r" + row + "c" + col; 		var td = document.getElementById(id);		if (td.children.length > 0)			continue; //there's already a mine here 		n--; 		var a = document.createElement("img");		a.src = "mine32.gif";		a.height = 30;		a.width = 30;		a.id = 'mine' + mineNumber;		td.appendChild(a);						mineNumber++;			}}

The code below is the main problemi had made a little function to test if the loop works or not,and i can see it is working but there is still no number appear. Code:

function neighbours () { 		var dr = [-1, -1, 0, 1, 1,  1,  0, -1];	var dc = [ 0,  1, 1, 1, 0, -1, -1, -1];		var newRow = 9;	var newCol = 9;		for (var row=0; row<newRow; row++) {		//a nested for loop that reiterates 9 times creating the <td>'s and then exits to the parent for loop.		for (var col=0; col<newCol; col++) {			//document.getElementById('r1c1').innerHTML = '<span class="label4">4</span>';			var id = 'r' + row + 'c' + col;			//document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = '<span class="label4">4</span>';						if (addmines.toString().indexOf(id) == -1) {				var counter = 0;								//looping over				for (var i=0; i<dr.length; i++) {										/*					//CODE GIVES MEGA ISSUES										if(row+dr[i]>0 && col+dc[i]>0 && row+dr[i]<=newRow && col+dc[i]<=newCol) {												//document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = '<span class="label4">4</span>'; DOES NOT WORK IN HERE							var id = 'r' + (row+dr[i]) + 'c' + (col+dc[i]);						if (mines.toString().indexOf(id) != -1) {							counter++;						} //END IF					} //END IF										//END OF PROBLEM CODE */										document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = '<span class="label4">4</span>'; 			//WORKS IF PROBLEM AREA IS DISABLED					var id = 'r' + r + 'c' + c;					var obj = document.getElementById(id);					obj.firstChild.nodeValue = count; //value					obj.className += ' m' + count; //style				} //END FOR			} //END IF					} //END FOR	}} function insertText () {

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I don't know if I spotted everything, but here are two things that I noticed.


This worries me. If addmines is the function at the top of the post, then first it has no return value to convert to a string, and second you're not executing the function because you have no (parens).

var id = 'r' + r + 'c' + c;

As far as I can tell (but I'm half-blind) there are no vars called r or c. Did you mean row and col?

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