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How do you make calculations in XML?


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I have one section of XML that the user can enter data.Such as: <numbercontrol name="gearamount1"> <bounds rect="17,48,37,18" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> <description text="How many of these do you have" /> <limits minimum="0" /> <tabtarget next="gearitem1" prev="baserate" /> </numbercontrol> <stringcontrol name="gearitem1"> <bounds rect="60,48,200,18" /> <description text="What is this" /> <tabtarget next="gearweight1" prev="gearamount1" /> </stringcontrol> <numbercontrol name="gearweight1"> <bounds rect="345,48,38,18" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> <description text="How much does this weigh" /> <limits minimum="0" /> <tabtarget next="gearamount2" prev="gearitem1" /> </numbercontrol>Tese continue on for several rows.Now at the end I want a total weight of all of them.In a simplified form what I want is "gearamount1" times "gearweight1" plus "gearamount2" times "gearweight2" ... plus "gearamount..." times "gearweight..." <numbercontrol name="totalweight"> <bounds rect="159,7,41,22" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> ... here is where that total would be... </numbercontrol>Thank you in advance,Bakshara

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