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Helpful Criticism Needed

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I haven't been following HTML/CSS/PHP for awhile until recently. I am trying to create a website from scratch and learning new techniques in the process. My website: http://cjmcs.com/test/ I am currently testing this out and could use some helpful feedback, suggestions, maybe for cleaner code..you should do this...instead of this....etc. What I am trying to accomplish is have a 2 column website with a full width header and footer having the main content on the left and sidebar on the right with everything being centered. currently my file structure is this. /root-images--bgContent.png--paypal_2.jpg--smallLogo.png-includes--footer.php--header.php--nav.php--sidebar.php-variables--variables.phpindex.phpstyle.css








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You have duplicate page titles, meta description, missing alt tags, broken links. Looks unfinnished...

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