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Fixed image on top of background image?

Guest temo

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Guest temo

HelloThank you all for a great forum. I’m trying to learn some CSS by doing.My project now is to make a website with a fixed background image to the left half of the screen, and the tekst scrolling down the right half. To this point I have control, but I also want to put four (maybe just tree) small images on top of the background image that together forms a frame, inside the frame I want to put the navigation links. I also actual have sort of control on this, but what I cant get control of is hove to place it all on top of the background image and so that the pictures and the navigation links stay fixed, and the background image still is visible where the frame doesn’t cover it. I want the navigation links visible even if you scroll down the entire page.If I just could get the syntax of placing images on top of the background image, as a start!Anyone, please help!Yours sincerelyTerje

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