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Server scripting

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This looked like the most likely forum to start with for this problem; apologies if it is not. Although I have done some serious programming in the past, it was mainly Fortran (with some DCL while acting as a VAX VMS system manager) and in the last ten years or so ABAP and VBA, I am a complete novice in web scripting. I do maintain three very simple web sites, but they are just HTML. I now wish to expand the functionality of my websites with both browser and server scripting. I am starting to make progress with the browser scripting but I have a fundamental problem with the server scripting. I am currently running the websites on the free web space provided by my ISP. There is no documentation provided for this facility other than giving the FTP upload details. In fact I can not see any evidence in their current broadband offering that they even offer webspace. My previous communications with the support desk gives me no confidence that they will understand any questions I might ask about scripting, let alone be able to answer them. Since at present I am unlikely to get my scripts correct, I do not know whether it is my problem or the server is simply not supporting any scripting. Is there any simple known working code that I can use to verify which scripting language might be supported on a server? Many thanks.

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You'll probably want to use PHP, so test for it first. A simple script like this should confirm whether it's available:

<?php   phpinfo();?>

That's the entire document. Name it info.php or anything else with a .php extension and try to call it from your browser. If you get an empty screen, and view source shows you the script, PHP is not on.

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