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Passing arrays between php files

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Just one last question a little bit offtopic. I have this two lines of code:

month = document.calForm.selMonth.options[document.calForm.selMonth.selectedIndex].value;month += 1;

What I expected that should happen was the variable "month" to be incremented, but what really happen is that if "month" is equal 5 on the end of the first line then in the second line it will result "51" . The instruction "month += 1" does not do a numerical calculation, instead, it joins "1" to the previous value of the variable. How can I change this?

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Unfortunately, the + operator works on strings and numbers differently. In your case, it thinks it's operating on strings, because the value of a form control is always a string. Try this:

month = parseInt(month) + 1;

There are tricks you can use to save a few characters in that code, but this way makes your intentions 100% clear.

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