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CrossPlatform Desktop PHP ?

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* Hello & Thanks , Is there such a thing as 'CrossPlatform Desktop PHP' ?Normally I program in HotBasic (freeware programs) .But I am interested in crossplatform . So it seems like javascript and php are quite platform independent . Today I noticed a Php-Gtk crossplatform opensource package .I would like to write programs that run in Browsers ( IE , chrome , firefox , etc. ) . And I need to use the FileSyatem , for *.txt files . I know IE's *.hta can do this , but it is for IE only .So I am looking for the smallest Desktop footprint possible , to develop php/html/javascript programs . And more importantly , I am looking for the smallest Desktop footprint possible , to run these programs in . Any advice/direction you can give me will be greatly appreciated . Thanks...Vernon

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Anything running in a browser isn't going to be able to automatically access arbitrary files on the local file system unless you use something like a Java applet. I'm not sure what you're specifically trying to do, but Flash can save data on the local file system and HTML5 also has local storage support. Those don't let you open any arbitrary file though, only create and read your own files. PHP-GTK is for writing desktop applications using PHP, not for web applications.

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