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Navigaion bar looks fine on my monitor but misplaced on other monitors?

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Hi guys I have a navigation bar where the code for the position isposition:absolute; left:350px; top:400px;On my computer it looks fine and where I wanted it to be. But on my friends computer it's skewed all the way to the right. So what am I doing wrong? I'm fairly new to CSS and only learned through some online reading so sorry for the beginners question :/

@font-face {	    font-family: 'Limelight';	    src:url(../fonts/Limelight.eot);	    src:local(Limelight), url('../fonts/Limelight.ttf') format('opentype');}	  body {	    background:url(../images/bg.png);	    margin: 0;	    padding:0;}#logo {	    background:url(../images/header.png) no-repeat;	    background-position:50% 0%;	    width:100%;	    display:table;	  	  }#content {	    width: 900px;	    margin: 450px auto 0;	    background: white;	    border: solid 1px #CCC;	    padding: 20px 20px 0px 20px;}#header {	    position:absolute;	    left:350px;	    top:400px;	    list-style:none;}#header li {	    display:inline;	    padding:0px 32px 0px 0px;}#header ul li a {	    font-family:'Limelight';	    color:#FFF;	    font-size:30px;	    text-decoration:none;}#header li a:visited {	    display:inline;	    font-family:'Limelight';	    color:#FFF;	    font-size:30px;}

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may be you can try like this ....

<style type="text/css">#header {		    width: 600px;		    margin: 100px auto; /*use margin for tataletak*/		    padding: 10px;		    background: green;}</style><div id="header"></div>

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