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Need to Pull XML Data From A Server

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Hello, now I am trying to pull XML data from a server using JavaScript. I was wondering if someone can help me built it as I have no idea what to do. Basically I need to click on a button inside a web browser which will get the XML data. If you guys can make one using html and javascript and upload it I'd be very happy. :) Thanks for looking.

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The XML DOM tutorial teaches you how to open and read XML files with Javascript. Javascript can only read XML files from the current domain, but you can use a PHP proxy to load XML from other domains.

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Try using a relative URL rather than an absolute URL.


If that doesn't work, then check the browser's error console. There are actually a few errors in your code: Forgot closing brace:


At the moment you're not doing anything with this variable:


The action attribute isn't used like this:

<form name="form" action="get_xml()">

You should forget the <form> tag altogether. Add an onclick attribute to the <input> element instead and change its type to button:

<input type="button" onclick="get_xml()" value="Click">

To prevent any problems, you should declare all your variables with the var keyword:

var xhttp;var xmlDoc;

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