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Centering suckerfish drop-down menu


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I've been having some difficulty getting this suckerfish drop-down menu to align its links to the center of the webpage. The container it is held within spans across the viewer's window which is fine. It's the links themselves I am trying to center and they are refusing to align correctly. Here's the CSS and the HTML to go with it at the moment: CSS:

#topbar-container{position: absolute;left: 0px;margin: 0%;font-size: 12px;	width:100%;	text-align: left;	white-space:nowrap;	padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px; /* This changes the padding on the top topbar options. Goes T, R, B then Left. */}  #topbar a:visited, #topbar color: #f5f5f5;text-decoration:none;}  #topbar color: #f5f5f5;	text-decoration:none;}     #topbar ul	{	margin:0;	position:relative;	vertical-align: bottom;			} #topbar ul ul	{	z-index:500;	display:none;	margin:-1em 0 0 -1em;	} #topbar ul ul ul	{	left:100%;	} div#topbar cursor:pointer;	li:hover ul ul,div#topbar li li:hover ul ul,div#topbar li li li display:none;} div#topbar li:hover ul,div#topbar li li li:hover ul{display:block;}


<div id="topbar-container"><div id="topbar">	{$welcomeblock}<ul>		<li><a href="#">Forum Tools</a>			<ul>				<li><a href=http://sizaelrpg.com/mybb"/search.php">Search</a></li>				<li><a href="http://sizaelrpg.com/mybb/search.php?action=getnew">Newest Posts</a></li>				<li><a href="http://sizaelrpg.com/mybb/search.php?action=getdaily">Today's Posts</a></li>				<li><a href="http://sizaelrpg.com/mybb/memberlist.php">Member List</a></li>				<li><a href="http://sizaelrpg.com/mybb/calendar.php">Calendar</a></li>			</ul>		  </li>	  </ul><!-- NEXT TOPBAR DROP-DOWN /--><ul>				<li><a href="#"><img src="http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y244/j9wolf/COTSkin1/topbar_dragon2.png" title="Get Started!" alt="Get Started!" width="36"></a>			<ul>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-3.html>Newcomer's Guide</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-2974.html>Playable Races</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-2977.html>Classes & Specialisations</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-419.html>Cannon: Templars</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-158.html>Cannon: Mages</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-2954.html>Account Types</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-418.html>Guide: Profile Creation</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-1793.html>FAQs</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/forum-191.html>MyBB Help</a></li>			</ul>		 </li>	   </ul><!-- NEXT TOPBAR DROP-DOWN /-->	  <ul>				<li><a href="#">Basics</a>			<ul>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-417.html>Rules</a></li				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-1254.html>Setting Overview</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/forum-89.html>Must Reads</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-292.html>Face Claims</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-4550-post-46559.html>Meet the Staff</a></li>			</ul>		 </li>	   </ul><!-- NEXT TOPBAR DROP-DOWN /-->	  <ul>				<li><a href="#">World Info</a>			<ul>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/forum-38.html>The World</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-3311-post-41592.html>Lore Index</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-216.html>Canon Info</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-4-post-6136.html>Races</a></li>				<li><a href="http://chronicles-of-thedas.deviantart.com/gallery/32325334" target="_blank">Maps of Thedas</a></li>			 </ul>		 </li>	   </ul><!-- NEXT TOPBAR DROP-DOWN /-->	  <ul>				<li><a href="#">Get Involved!</a>			<ul>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-379-post-1706.html>Player Roster</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-1207-post-8512.html>Faction Roster</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-6-post-15.html>Months & Annums Coding</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-3005-post-34706.html>Individual Writing</a></li>				<li><a href=http://chroniclesofthedas.ashkir.com/thread-108.html>Profile Management</a></li>			 </ul>		 </li>	   </ul></ul><!-- TOPBAR CLOSER - PAIRS WITH THE FIRST UL AFTER TH WELCOME BLOCK. DON'T REMOVE. /--></div><!-- CLOSES TOPBAR. DON'T REMOVE. /--></div><!-- CLOSES TOPBAR CONTAINER. DON'T REMOVE. /-->

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm doing this for some friends and I always seem to have trouble with drop-down menus lol!

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i have a similiar dropdown menu with css:

#menu {    list-style:none;    width:1160px;    margin:0px auto 0px auto;    height:43px;    padding:0px 20px 0px 20px;}dropdown_2columns{margin:4px auto;    float:left;    position:absolute;    left:-999em; /* Hides the drop down */    text-align:left;    padding:10px 5px 10px 5px;    border:1px solid #777777;    border-top:none;}

<ul id="menu">   	 <li><a href="#" class="drop">Corporative</a><!-- menu starts-->   	    <div class="dropdown_2columns"><!-- starts 2 column container --> 

Have you change the position value?

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Your html, AND your css need to be validated, especially the css, you have missing/misplace closing and opening curly brackets, and until these are sorted out, any solution given would not work anyway.
Thanks, but this is only part of a template and CSS for a MyBB skin I'm working on, so the dividers and such are actually found further down in the template - I'm just concentrating the coding sections given for the menu. Edited by Drae
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