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Blog Pagination (Tumblr)

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Hey guys, I have the following problem: On my blog (http://nachdenkblog.tumblr.com) I want to make it possible to switch directly between the blog entries.At the bottom of the main site you can see pagination between the sites. (BTW, it's in German but I guess you see what it means.) But if you open a specific entry you can see a similar but smaller footer without links to click.The code I used for this is the following:

{block:PermalinkPage}		<div class="FUSSBEREICH PERMA">			<div class="SCHATTEN">			</div>			<div class="FUSS">				<div class="NAVIGATION">					{block:Pagination}					<ul>						{block:PreviousPost}						<li>							<a href="{PreviousPost}">								Vorheriger Eintrag							</a>						</li>						{/block:PreviousPost}						{block:NextPost}						<li>							<a href="{NextPost}">								Nächster Eintrag							</a>						</li>						{/block:NextPost}					</ul>					{/block:Pagination}				</div>			</div>		</div>  		{/block:PermalinkPage}

(In case you need to know: FUSSBEREICH = footer; SCHATTEN = shadow; FUSS = foot)But as I said, no link at all is displayed. Can someone tell me why? Regards,Thomas

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