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expand-collapse text with mouseover/mouseout


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This is my current code, but i want a mouseover and mouseout behaviour to a text with no "read more" "read less" "images" ets.For exampleLine one....Line two....when mouseover in the table/div with the text, display:Line one....Line two....Line three...Line four...when mouseout display back two lines

<script type="text/javascript">function showMoreOrLess(thisObj,bonusContent){	 var caption = thisObj.innerHTML;	 //alert(caption);	 if ( caption == "Read more" ) {		 document.getElementById(bonusContent).style.display = "inline";		 thisObj.innerHTML = "Read less";     } else {  		 document.getElementById(bonusContent).style.display = "none";		 thisObj.innerHTML = "Read more";	 }}</script></head><body><div id="restOfArticle" style="display:none">blah blah</div><a onmouseover="showMoreOrLess(this,'restOfArticle');">Read more</a></body>

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