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Help making a sliced image wint links look as ONE

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Hi there,I really need help. Im willing to pay for that. Im trying to post an add on a website which accept HTML. The problem is I was using image maping an everything was working fine for around 3 months but suddenly stopped working. I see HTML editor from that website delete maping HTML code when I save the HTML. Well, I changed to used Fireworks and Photoshop HTML code created when sliced my image and added links. I discover I only can use table or div but each sliced image appear with a space around each one. In other words, every sliced image are separated by one space. I dont know what to do.HTML code is in attachment.Please help me ASAP.Thank you in advancead.txt

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Don't use tables for layout. Don't use tables for layout. Don't use tables for layout. I can't look at your code right now, but if nobody has given a full answer by the time I get back, I will.

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Hi ,for that you should learn CSS.and use the float and class's and id's.as elements of display:inline and more. http://www.w3schools.com/css/you can start learn now, but if you dont want to learn or having problems you can PM me or E-mail me i sent you my e-mail in PM. i need some practice so i will help you.

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