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Hi guys, I have been searching this forum for div positioning for hours but still can't find what I need. I create a webpage that have a table with three column. First column is picture , second column is description text and sames third column. The table I align in center <table align=center width="800" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> I use few div tags inside the picture and want them in a specific position. When I use 1024 X768 is look fine in IE but when I use 1280X768 screen resolutions the text will move to different position. Can anyone tell me how to make it have the same position nor matter what screen resolution is.#specials {position:absolute;left:44px;top:267px;width:66px;height:4px;z-index:14;}<div class="link style2" id="specials">Specials</div>

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