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Critiques on My Pets On Parade's new look


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At the request of one of my members, I've changed the look of MPOP. Since the critiques last time mostly centered around the dullness/darkness of the site, I've decided to post version 2.0 for critiques. Honest opinions are always appreciated! And, as before, I know that the site isn't particularly sound as far as the code goes; a lot of that is due to the software I'm using (SocialEngine) which makes it impossible for me to ever validate my site. It was a lesson learned, so now I'm stuck with what I've got. Anyways, honest feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. http://www.mypetsonparade.com

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I like the home page. That big photo of the dogs looking at me full of expectation on the doorstep is enough to make me pause and read the description.

Visually I feel you need to equalize the height of the collums there but that's just a petty detail.

My subjective opinion is you need LESS clutter on that entry screen: People who wanna join will click "sign in" and then get a chance to create a new account...

I would delete the "pet parade" link and just have an arrow on the dog picture to start the slide show right there on the front page... while we read the description.

I would take out the "members" link the way to find them is via their posts in the forums and they might not even want to be in the lime light.

Place a "coming soon" or "events" link in a prominent place on that home page and also a "now selling/wanted" market place link. Make it sound like it's happening and we the visitors must seize the opportunity b4 it is too late! Note: If there are none... then it takes you straight to the page to advertise an event... but showing people that there is (potential for) activity will bring them back and make them want to be part of it.

Well that's my first impressions and I think you have done a good job. I don't even have a pet myself, so I'm not really qualified to say what petowners might like ;o)

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Thank you both very much for the feedback. :)


Angelica: Thank you, awesome critiques there! I've been wondering if the front page was too busy (however, my colleague thinks we need MORE content, oy); I'll work on removing/toning down some of the clutter. Also, I understand what you're saying about making it seem "happening". I'll get to work on that. :)


DDs1: Yeah, I'm planning on removing some of the menus for the pages that don't get any use at the moment.

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