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<a ... target="_blank"> not working in xsl

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I have a dynamic web page with an <a> where the href varies with the contents. I would like the <a> to open in a new tab instead of a new IE. So I use <a href="......." target="_blank"/> to achieve this but not always work: (1). using jsp to generate html, target="_blank" in the resulting html leads to new tab, as expected.(2). instead of jsp->html, using servlet to write xml to IE with xslt, target="_blank" in the xsl leads to new IE opened, not new tab.(3). In 2, if I view the source in IE and save the xml together with the xsl in same folder, open the xml directly with IE, target="_blank" leads to new tab, as expected. I don't know if there is any method to make (2) above also open new tab. Please help.

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Perhaps you need to make the servelet output the MIME type (i.e. Content-Type header value) "application/xml".I haven't worked with JSP servelets, but a quick Google search leads me to believe HttpServletResponse.setContentType() is the method you're looking for.

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