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comparison of two variables using match

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Hi,Good day!I have problem in checking if the two values of variables is match or like.sample 1:in this sample 1 my condition works fine.

lot_number = LO130227003lot_number_scan = LO130227003if(lot_number === lot_number_scan){alert('correct');}else{alert('wrong');}

sample 2:in this sample 2 my condition did not work.

lot_number = LO130227003-LO130228001lot_number_scan = LO130227003 if(lot_number === lot_number_scan){alert('correct');}else{alert('wrong');}

I tried to find the solution in this problem but I can't find the same problem.I want to happen is:

if(LO130227003-LO130228001 LIKE OR Match LO130227003){alert('correct');}elseif(LO130227003-LO130228001 LIKE OR Match LO130227003LO130228001){alert('correct');}else{alert('wrong');}

I don't know what syntax should I used.here is my code:

function sequence(varid){      var a=  varid.indexOf("/")  var b=  varid.slice(0,a);   b =  parseInt(    c= (b+1)var f = varid.slice(a); if (window.event.keyCode==13 || window.event.keyCode==10) { var lot_number = document.getElementsByName("lot_number")[b].value; var lot_number_scan = document.getElementsByName("lot_number_scan")[b].value;var counting = document.getElementsByName("lot_number_scan");counting = counting.length; var newid = c + f if(c == counting) {  document.getElementById("issued_by").focus();    } else {  //----In this part I need to check if lot_number like lot_number_scan if(lot_number === lot_number_scan)	   {  document.getElementById(newid).focus();	 } else{    document.getElementsByName("lot_number_scan")[b].value = '';    document.getElementsByName("lot_number_scan")[b].focus(); } } }}

I hope someday can help me to fix this problem.Thank you so much.

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Work this into your code somewhere:

var lot_number = "LO130227003-LO130228001";var lot_number_scan = "LO130227003";var match = lot_number.match(lot_number_scan)

Notice that you are matching strings. They probably come out of your scanner and DB as strings.

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in your second sample, your can't subtract mixed value variables (strings and numbers) and expect it to work like an arithmetic equation.

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