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xsl: if statement + xsl:variable

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Hi there,i am a xslt starter and i need some help - thanx in advance!My goal is to create a html-documentation of an XSD file. I just want to list allcomplexTypes/simpleTypes and their attributes in tables and add some comments.I just looped through them with a simple for-each statement and used the different templates.Everything works fine - bingo! What i am now trying to do is the same thing, but in an "recursive-ish" way.I do the following now: I pick my first complexType, process/display it and theni call the complexType template again for every complexType i find within it.And so on... Works fine! (Result of that is a different order, wich is kinda cool for my task - beyond that,ist a good exercise for me ;-) But my problem is, that some of the complexTypes are used in different places, and becauseof that, they will be displayed more then once. Not so cool...Therefore i would like to install a if statment that checks if the current Typewas allready processed in some place.But i dont have a clue how to do that in xsl... I would need something like a list, in wich i storeall the complexType - "Names" wich i have allready used and then compare the current name with that.But it seems that there are only constants in xsl...I hope my question is clear! If you need a example/code or whatever, let me know Thanx for some Input!mario

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You can pass parameters to templates and you could store the element or names of types in a parameter you pass to the template.
...ok i will try this out. Untill now i just worked with xsl:variables (wich act like constants), so it was not possible to string "names" together.Maybe it can be done with parameters.... i will see!
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