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Why does drawImage not require to write Image.src property ?

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I am trying to create my own Image( ); Object. This is how the build in Image function works:

				 var img = new Image();   // Create new img element				img.src = 'myImage.png'; // Set source path				

ctx.drawImage(img,0,0) is going to draw the image loaded from the img.src property. But I don't understand why.. Why am I not required to type: ctx.drawImage(img.src,0,0) ?? In fact, that breaks the script. Saying Type Error Please help me out here, I want to create my own "new Image()" with custom properties and methods..

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drawImage takes an actual image, not a URL. Importantly, the image has to already be loaded also. It is an error if you try to draw an image that hasn't finished loading yet. So it needs the actual image, not just a URL. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTML/Canvas/Tutorial/Using_images

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