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JavaScript global variable...

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Although I can console.log lastSel it is coming up as a blank when the PHP is called in the header. So when the header is passed it is id: "" even though clearly there is a value in lastSel and I am type casting to string. I am wondering what could be the source of the issue. lastSel is defined outside of any function braces as just "lastSel = """ without using the var keyword. Why would it be blank as String(lastSel) even though I can console.log a value?

 <script>$(function(){var date = new Date();var d = date.getDate();var m = date.getMonth();var y = date.getFullYear();     $('#calendar1').fullCalendar({        // put your options and callbacks hereheader:{left: 'prev,next today',center: 'title',right: 'month,basicWeek,basicDay'},editable: true,droppable: true,selectable: true,events: {url: 'php.scripts/events.get.php',type: 'POST',data: {id: String(lastSel),custom_param2: 'somethingelse'},error: function() {alert('there was an error while fetching events!');},color: 'yellow',   // a non-ajax optiontextColor: 'black' // a non-ajax option},eventClick: function (calEvent, jsEvent, view) { $( "#eventdialog2" ).dialog({resizable: false,height:500,width:500,modal: true,buttons: {"Update": function() {$( this ).dialog( "close" );},Cancel: function() {$( this ).dialog( "close" );}}});  },eventDrop: function (event, dayDelta, minuteDelta, allDay, revertFunc) { },select: function(startDate, endDate, allDay, jsEvent, view) { $( "#eventdialog1" ).dialog({resizable: false,height:500,width: 500,modal: true,buttons: {"Add": function() {if(jQuery("#event_title1").val() == ""){alert("All active text fields are required input!");return false;}$( this ).dialog( "close" );},Cancel: function() {$( this ).dialog( "close" );}}});  }    }); $('#calendar2').fullCalendar({        // put your options and callbacks here    });});</script>

<script>lastSel = "";$(function(){   $("#list").jqGrid({    url:'php.scripts/get.customers.php',    datatype: 'xml',    mtype: 'POST',colNames:['idcustomers','firstname', 'lastname','address1','address2','city','state','zip','phone','email','cell'],    colModel :[       {name:'idcustomers', index:'idcustomers', width:55},       {name:'firstname', index:'firstname', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'lastname', index:'lastname', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'address1', index:'address1', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'address2', index:'address2', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'city', index:'city', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'state', index:'state', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'zip', index:'zip', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'phone', index:'phone', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'email', index:'email', width:90, editable: true},  {name:'cell', index:'cell', width:90, editable: true}    ],    pager: '#pager',    rowNum:20,    rowList:[20,100,300],    sortname: 'idcustomers',    sortorder: 'asc',    viewrecords: true,    gridview: true,    caption: 'Customers',width: 1400,height: 290,editurl: 'php.scripts/update.row.php',ajaxGridOptions: {type:"POST"},onSelectRow: function(id){ if(id && id!==lastSel){ jQuery('#gridid').restoreRow(lastSel); lastSel=id;jQuery("#list").data('selid',lastSel);console.log(lastSel);console.log(jQuery("#list").data('selid'));}  //jQuery('#list').editRow(id, true); jQuery('#list').data('selid', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,0));jQuery('#list').data('firstname', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,1));jQuery('#list').data('lastname', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,2));jQuery('#list').data('address1', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,3));jQuery('#list').data('address2', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,4));jQuery('#list').data('city', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,5));jQuery('#list').data('state', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,6));jQuery('#list').data('zip', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,7));jQuery('#list').data('phone', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,8));jQuery('#list').data('email', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,9));jQuery('#list').data('cell', jQuery("#list").getCell(lastSel,10)); }  }).jqGrid('navGrid','#pager',{ edit: false, add: true }, {}, {}, {}, {},  {}).jqGrid('inlineNav',"#pager",{}); }); </script>

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It's empty when that Javascript runs. If it wasn't empty, it would show undefined instead of an empty string. It's finding the global variable, which is empty. You would need to run the fullCalendar code again after setting that variable to something else.

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Thank you for that reply. I have currently found a way to use PHP to solve the problem but I will learn from this as a learning experience.

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