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How to stop hover border input moving?

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Hey people, basically I want to add a border when hoverd over. I have done it, it's just that my input boxes move when I have over them and I don't know why, any help will be appreciated. :-) www.brightonvinyl.com/v4/sign_in.php It's basically the sign in form and the Date of birth field. Thanks for looking guys. :-)

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If you take margin: -1px; out of this it should work:

.hover_select:hover {    border: 1px solid #C40000;    margin: -1px;}

Hope this helps. Kind regards, Lab.

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The problem is that you're going from margin-top: 15px to margin: -1px. You're experiencing a 16px movement. So don't use the margin trick for this. You already have the right idea by giving .hover_select a transparent border. What you haven't done is given the border a dimension. So in effect it doesn't have a border until the :hover. So simply give the transparent border a 1px width. In the :hover state, change only the border's color.

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