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HELLLP!++++Wordpress site displaying overflow on right fix HELLLLP!

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So I'm new here and have been trying to solve this problem for over a month and can not seem to figure out of its CSS or js related... Maybe it could be that I use page templates rather then directly imputing into the Wordpress page content area via the dashboard?The theme was a template and defiantly did not do this as the demo theme works just fine on mobile browsers.The problem is my short codes, nav, widgets overflow off the right side of the page ONLY in mobile browsers. The site works fine on all desktop scenarios..In the screen shot you'll notice that it seems as if the body does not span 100% and leaves a margin on the right (notice the white vertical space on the right)Has anyone run into this issue or have a clue to what the deal is?Im lost and very frustrated at this point..confused.gifThe site is:http://gadget-fix.comALL of the pages do this.




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.top-aside, header, .banner, .banner-slider, .small_banner, #content-container, .footer-callout, footer {	min-width: 960px;}

is conflicting with

#main-wrap {	margin: 0 auto;	overflow: visible;	padding: 40px 0;	position: relative;	width: 1024px;    z-index: 1;} Also you have links to css files, which target the same elements, within the <body> area, when they should be in the <head> of the document.

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