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Passing an HTML objecvt (tag) to JS


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GreetingsI want to pass the entire <input> object to the JS function to be able to access all of its properties. I can pass individual properties by specifying "this.(property)" as an argument (ie this.value, this.name, etc)my HTML code:

<input name="txtTest" size="20" type="text" value="Test"  onfocus="testTextbox(this)">

BTW, the above does not work.My JS code:

function testTextbox(oTag){ alert(oTag.value); }

But how do I pass the entire object?TIA

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I got it to work ok?? :)

<head><script>function testTextbox(oTag){  alert(oTag.value);   alert(oTag.size);  alert(oTag.name);}</script></head><body><input name="txtTest" size="20" type="text" value="Test" onfocus="testTextbox(this)"></body>

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