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If I am not supposed to solicit a contractor, delete this with my apologies, I checked the guidelines and didn't see a problem with it. My site is at http://www.thesoundsmith.com I have been trying for some time to update the site to iPad/HTML5 support. The main site now functions smoothly and the javascript controls I used work in all the usual browsers - FF, Chrome and iOS, even IE is fine.The problem is with the "DashRadio" applet. In the pre-iOS versions, this is a menu item that opens a second window which remains independent, even if the rest of the site is closed. This "radio" allows the user to change songs and optionally be redirected to the ZenCart shopping cart to download a song or album. In FF and Chrome it works perfectly, in IE it will not show the player or recognize the script commands, something I recently discovered - this used to work, but I forgot to retest when I updated a year ago. Not important at this point, as i need to replace it. The working page is at http://www.thesoundsmith.com/lif.htm This page has DashRadio as the top left menu item. Now that I am offering iPad support, the menu version of DashRadio is not appropriate, so I am rebuilding the function as part of the footer of each page. I have a version which - at one point - did exactly what I wanted in FF and Chrome, but was not recognised by either IE or iOS. iOS will play files, but des not respond to the javascript. My test page is at http://www.thesoundsmith.com/aaradio5.htm (or aaradio4, 3, 2 for trying variations.) What has me totally frustrated is that when I started to write this post, the test page worked perfectly in FireFox, and my (first) question was how to translate the working page to the others - but ten minutes after it worked - several times, reloaded etc, still great - then it stopped and no longer reads the links. I need this radio to appear in the footers, and it will need a couple of more involved things - delayed loading of the 60K (and growing) palylist XML file, and possibly a way to keep the music playing even when changing pages.If anyone feels like tackling this I'd appreciate any help untangling the issues. I don't have time to learn another language just so I can sell songs on iPads. Let me know what you need.

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