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I'm trying to get my site to work but it won't. My subtitle won't rotate and the right column is too far down. Here's the code:

<HTML><BODY oncontextmenu='return false'><script language=javascript 1.2>j1 = "first sentence"j2 = "second sentence"j3 = "third sentence"j4 = "punchline"foreach(Number=0;Number<4;Number=Number+1)setTImeout("jContainer.innerHTML=eval('jNumber')",5)</SCRIPT><HEAD><TABLE border="1" borderleft=Aquamarine bgcolor=blue><img src="banner.gif"><H1>My Website<H1><!-- Changing subtitle --><font name="jContainer">Subtitle</font></TABLE></HEAD><font face="Arial"><!--left column--><TABLE align=left bgcolor=CCCCCC><tr><td><menu><li><a style="text-decoration:none;;" href="index.html"><font color="orange">Home</font></a><li><a style="text-decoration:none;;" href="index2.html"><font color="orange">About Us</font></a><li><a style="text-decoration:none;;" href="index3.html"><font color="orange">Contact</font></a></menu></td></tr></TABLE><!-- center area --><TABLE align=center bgcolor=#999><tr><td><font color="DarkBlue" face="Arial"><font size="6" color="red">Just added new script</font><p>2013/04/01</br><p align="center">&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspI added a new script that will make text in the banner change every five seconds, I hope it works.</br><hr></br></br></br></br></br><font size="6" color="red">Opening new website</font><p>2013/03/31</br><p align="center">&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspI'm finally opening my new website, I hope you like it. It works best in Internet Explorer so please upgrade <a href="http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/downloads/ie-9/worldwide-languages">here</a></br><hr></br></br></br></br></tr></td></font></TABLE><!--Right column--><TABLE align=right bgcolor=CCCCCC><tr><td><h3>My other sites</h3><a style="text-decoration:none;;" href=http://dtfox.deviantart.com>Art</a></br><a style="text-decoration:none;;" href=http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showuser=18212>W3Schools</a></br></td></tr></TABLE><!-- FOOTER --><TABLE><tr><td>Page is copyright to Ingolme. Please don't steal my code. I worked hard on this. <font size=7>April Fools</font></td></tr></TABLE></BODY> <!-- Add this line at the end of the content --></br clear="both">

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For a second there... I thought I was checking out a thread started by eduardlid ;).... either that or he hacked Foxy's account and posted under it :)

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