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Insert data using c language

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Can help me see the problem?Below is my code Create.sql create table student (No integer primary key autoincrement, Date1 varchar(20), Time varchar(10),Name varchar(10), Id_no integer); insert into student (Date1 , Time, Name, Id_no) values ('10/10/2012', '9.35am', 'Kean Heng', '091021434'); insert.c # include <stdio.h> # include <sqlite3.h> # include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { sqlite3 *conn; sqlite3_stmt *res; int error = 0; int rec_count = 0; const char *errMSG; const char *tail; char sql_lite[900]=" "; char name[50]; int date=0,month=0,year=0,matrix_number=0,number,x; float time =0; error = sqlite3_open("hong.sl3", &conn); if (error) { printf("Can not open database"); } printf("Enter the number of data to be inserted\n"); scanf("%d",&x); for(number=x;number>0;number--) { printf("Enter the name of the student for insert\n"); scanf("%s",name); printf("Enter the date, month, year of the student\n"); scanf("%d%d%d",&date,&month,&year); printf("Enter the time \n"); scanf("%f",&time); printf("Enter the matrix number of the student for insert\n"); scanf("%d",&matrix_number); } sprintf(sql_lite, "insert into student values ('%d/%d/%d','%.2fam','%s',%d);",date,month,year,time,name,matrix_number); error = sqlite3_exec(conn, sql_lite, 0, 0, 0); error = sqlite3_prepare_v2(conn, "select * from student order by No",1000, &res, &tail); if (error != SQLITE_OK) { printf("We did not get any data!"); exit(0); } printf("=======================================\n"); while (sqlite3_step(res) == SQLITE_ROW) { printf("%d|", sqlite3_column_int(res, 0)); printf("%s|", sqlite3_column_text(res, 1)); printf("%s|", sqlite3_column_text(res, 2)); printf("%s|", sqlite3_column_text(res, 3)); printf("%u\n", sqlite3_column_int(res, 4)); rec_count++; } printf("=======================================\n"); printf("We received %d records.\nTotal rows=%d\n", rec_count,SQLITE_ROW); sqlite3_finalize(res); sqlite3_close(conn); return 0; }

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Below is my output: hong@ubuntu:~/Check$ sqlite3 hong.sl3<create.sqlhong@ubuntu:~/Check$ gcc -o insert insert.c -lsqlite3hong@ubuntu:~/Check$ ./insertEnter the number of data to be inserted1Enter the name of the student for insertJohnEnter the date, month, year of the student12 12 2012Enter the time12.00Enter the matrix number of the student for insert091232432=======================================1|10/10/2012|9.35am|Kean Heng|91021434=======================================We received 1 records.Total rows=100hong@ubuntu:~/Check$

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