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how to give a table same width?...

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hello again...i have been thinking, when im making a table, lets say 100% to fill out the div i just gave, it DOES go out.. but when i have like 3 td's to fill out, it keeps pushing to the other site.... i would like it like shown below: PICTURE ATTACHED in the picture you can see however much text you now put in, the boxes still have the same width.. is that a normal css class editing with width?, or some sort of speciel method you guys use?... Hoping you understood what i said, had a little bit trouble explaining about it, lol X)...

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If I understand correctly your table is pushing out beyond the div or design. Since the table is set for 100% you will need to define one row of cells so that it does not go beyond the desire framework. Based on your image you have 5 cells. Set the first row of cells with a set width for each. Use the table header cell ( th ). In your case something like this:

 <table style="width:100%"><tr>  <th style="width: 8%;">P_ID</th>  <th style="width: 23%;">FirstName</th>  <th style="width: 23%;">LastName</th>  <th style="width: 23%;">Address</th>  <th style="width: 23%;">City</th></tr><tr>  <td>data here</td>  <td>data here</td>  <td>data here</td>  <td>data here</td>  <td>data here</td></tr></table>

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hmm, sorry for late reply, thanks. will test later to see if it will work correctly x)...

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