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How anyother website data can be search via my web?

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I want to connect any other website to my website. i mean in a website there are examination results added, i just want that a small part of that website (screen shot enclosed) should appear in my website, and that website name should not be appear there. my be centeral part of that web. I just want that user should check there result in my website. is there any code for linking like that? please help me i will be thankful for this kindness.


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The most basic way is to use a frame or iframe to embed content from another server, if that server allows its content to be embedded. If you don't want the entire page then you'll need to get the source code of the remote page using something like cURL or file_get_contents if it's allowed, parse the source to get the pieces you want, and put those where you want them on your page.

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