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not working in opera

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For some reason my site is still not working in opera, I did a severe code overhaul, and learnt all the workings behind hte code off the advice of someone, it lessened my code, used less code to get the same affect, and removed an ie hack, while still allowing it to work properly in ie. What I am trying to figure out now, is why it still doesn't work in operawww.freelancebusinessman.comWhat is happening now, is it is keeping that space above the logo, and the main content is over the logo, I need to figure out what is causing this, any advice, my stylesheet is over there, but if you see something a little wierd when you look I am still playing around with it a bit, trying to figure it out.

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perfect I redid the code, removed the hacks, and it worked in all of them, then I noticed what you said and it fixed the top problem, thank's alot, I appreciate it. Last thing is I am trying to get the padding in the navigation to work right, I don't want it centered, but it's not padding it right in all the browsers, but I am working with that now, thanks for the help.

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