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Safari not letting my radio buttons work or submit forms

confused and dazed

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Hello internet Safari is not allowing my radio buttons to work and it will not let submit my form connected with those... any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. SUBMITTING THE FORMHTML<form name=poll1 id=poll1 method="post" target="_blank">.....<input type="radio" name="ne" id="ne1" value="1">.....</form> JAVAfunction poll1submit(){poll1.action = "polls_p.php";document.getElementById('poll1').submit()}

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At first I assumed the absence of quote marks around the name and id attributes in your form tag might be the problem. Some browsers are very strict. But that doesn't seem to be the problem, in FF or Safari. I copied your code, and added another radio button and a submit button. The radio buttons worked as they should, and the form submits.

poll1.action = "polls_p.php";

The reference to poll1 is old-fashioned, but Safari seems to honor it. What I don't see is a way your form is connected to poll1submit. What exactly "doesn't work"?

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