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I am having problems using the "<canvas>" tag as I am using HTML code from your website. http://www.w3schools...tml5_canvas.asp - Canvas Coordinates. Now, I have a piece of code that I have to find the "<canvas>" tag to add. In the code, I found out that a div creates the canvas. But how would I add an image that bounces across the screen when the mouse is over the canvas. I already have the co-ordinates of the mouse and the image inserted. I have attached the .html file and an image a.png. This should create an object and show you the co-ordinates of the mouse when it is over the canvas. And when it is not, it does not show any co-ordinates and shows a heading of PAUSED.post-145722-0-12618800-1367140040.pngindex.htmlMany Thanks,[EDIT] Please could someone reply and post some code for this problem. I am only new to HTML. There is Javascript in there but that was in the canvas code here:-http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_canvas.asp [/EDIT]Additional:-This doen't work in Internet Explorer 10 - well it didn't when I tried.

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