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hello everyone.i have problem about mouse movement situation. my site is like this:

<div class="point" id="point">		 <div id="greypoint"></div>		    <div id="redpoint"></div>	 </div>	 <div id="menu">	  <ul id="example-two" class="group">		 <li class="menuItem" id="current_page_item_two">			 <a href="#"></a>		    </li>		 <li class="menuItem">			 <a href="">				 <img  src="" alt="thumbnail" width="80" />			    </a>		    </li>		 <li class="menuItem">			 <a href="">				 <img  src="" alt="thumbnail" />			    </a>			 </li>		 <li class="menuItem">			 <a href="">				 <img src="" alt="thumbnail" width="80" />			    </a>			 </li>		  </ul>	   </div>

i'm trying to make id of greypoint and redpoint divs sliden according to hovering on the menuItem's links to that links position.i wrote a script and make slide but the points sliden according to page position. plase help me to solve this problem!!!

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