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Dynamic Drop Down Select box


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A program that can do that, would be difficult (but possible). But I can tell you how to edit an option of a selectbox.Each option consists of both a "value" (if added) and "text" (the text visible in the list). The value of the selected option will be the value of the selectbox when submitted.To choose the options of a <select>:

To choose the index number of the selected option:
To choose the selected option of a <select>:
To choose the visible name of the selected option:
To choose the invisible value of the selected option:
To modify the visible text of an option:
selectbox_name.options[selectbox_name.selectedIndex].text = "user_input"
Replace the greens by the correct form names.Replace the blue by the index number you want, beginning with '0'.I hope this helped :) Edited by Dan The Prof
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