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how can i change the style of this javascript?


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Hi Friends i have a javascript code that show a vertical preview of movies. how can i show it without black border around it?this code is :

<div id="aparat13688550647663957"></div><script type="text/JavaScript" src="http://www.aparat.com/video/video/scr/type/user/username/minemag/cnt/10/align/ver/bg/FFFFFF/height/300/width/400/id/aparat13688550647663957"></script> 

thank you

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Well i copyed to whole html of script and modified it style attribute, check cleaned file here http://mudsaf.info/d..._no_border.html Btw the script you're linking is javaScript and i would highly recommend jQuery version of this because the file has about 47 200 characters that you're linking. Noticed the script i added removes after script reloads... Not sure how to fix anymore, but i suggest you to find jQuery versiono f tihs.

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