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Hi guys, I have wamp installed on my windows vista home basic. It was running fine till a while ago. Now when I try to run it it would not load local host. Here is what all I have tried :

  • Upgraded to wamp 2.2e
  • Made sure port 80 is free
  • Made sure skype or any other software is not conflicting with wamp
  • Checked my hosts, and other config files for local host (but suggestions are welcome in case I have missed something.
  • installed .net 3.5 sp1 frame work.

When I try to load wamp I am getting a popup which says "Aestan Tray Menu has stopped working". Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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If I had that problem, I'd try installing WAMP 2.2 on another system to see if I could duplicate the problem. Also, there's the WAMP forum.

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Try another server package. I use EasyPHP and have it installed on a 4 gig flash drive. The version I use, though I see they have a couple newer ones out now, is.... EasyPHP 12.0 with PHP 5.4.4 PHP 5.4.4 | Apache 2.4.2 | MySQL 5.5.25a | PhpMyAdmin 3.5.1 | Xdebug 2.2.0 When it's not in use, I shut it down, eject the drive and put it away. If I would need to take it with me, I can just drop it in my pocket. Hope this helps.....

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