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how to find days in numbers (php?)...

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Hey again, i have a small but quick question. How to define days in numbers oO?... i saw this online:

$six_day_loader['max_dead_torrent_time'] = 6 * 3600; //6-days...

and was hoping to kind of using this the same way for one of my projects... now, if i wish to delete a forum post after (lets say 12 days)... how to define this in numbers like above here?... how many numbers are there at a day?, and how to find out?..can someone clarify this for me, i just dont get it yet... i think oO?... Hoping you can help somehow again x)...

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That is using Unix timestamps, which indicate the number of seconds since 1/1/70. So, it's in seconds. Their math isn't correct. 3600 seconds is an hour, not a day. Look up the PHP functions time, mktime, getdate, and date.

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