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Style/markup changes when viewing site with different URL, pls help!

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Hello all. Im in the middle of making my new admin site but ive ran into an annoying problem. When I view it using localhost URL or my IP the style/markup of the site seems to change. Have a look at these screenshots and you'll understand. This is what it looks like when u visit it via http://myIPaddress/evocms/admin/index.php... and the next two screenshots when viewing it via localhost...remote.jpgremote2.jpglocalhost.jpglocalhost2.jpgIm sure u can notice the problems, any thoughts? Thanks

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I'm not 100% sure, but it's only padding problems? I don't really see what the problem is, as I don't have a clue why it's doing what it is. It's extraordinary because I've never seen it in my 3 years of coding. Try uploading it to a free web host? And see if the styling changes again

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You forgot to blank out address shown in tab from Pic #2 and #4 :) 1) all browsers have there own default settings for padding and margins for differents elements, so it is good practice to reset these to 0, and set them to your requirments so all match in whatever browser used.

* {  	margin: 0;	padding: 0;}

Note: p, h1 to h6 etc will have to be set, as without setting for example the paragraph margin they will appear as one big block of text, 2) Did you clear browser cache/history ? 3) Some CMS, and web hosting store a cached version of your site, so this will need looking into. 4) check IE is not using different browser mode from localhost and website, F12 developer tools browser mode.

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