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XSLT Problems


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Hi, I am a beginner in xml.I need to include a picture in my xslt page which is linked to my xml page, so when the xml page is viewed, the picture shows.But I cant seem to get the syntax right.Can anyone help please?

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Well show us your XML input format.Assuming you have e.g.

<root>  <images>	 <image>img1.gif</image>	 <image>img2.gif</image>  </images></root>

in your XML you can then transform to HTML with e.g.

<xsl:template match="images">  <ul>	<xsl:apply-templates/>  </ul></xsl:template> <xsl:template match="image">  <li>	<img src="{.}"/>  </li></xsl:template> 

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