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set the position of a div in center

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There are two ways to center something vertically.


The first one is to set the position to "absolute", set the top property to 50%, set the left property to 50% and then give a negative left margin of half the width of the box and a negative top margin of half the height of the box. This method requires the box to have a set width and height.



.box {    width: 500px;    height: 400px;    position: absolute;    left: 50%;    top: 50%;    ;    margin-top: -200px;}


The second example might not work in older versions of Internet Explorer, I might be remembering it incorrectly. Display the parent of the box as a table cell and set its vertical-align to middle.


.parent {    display: table-cell;    height: 100%;    vertical-align: middle;}
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The first method doesn't allow for that. The second method should work, if I've remembered it properly


A third method would involve Javascript measuring the element and setting its position accordingly.

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