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jQuery news slideDown/slideUp problem...

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Okay, title says it all... im needing a little help understanding a few things, but i think i have a hold of something.


My php code:

$HTMLOUT .= box_start_full_size("Latest News");//$HTMLOUT .= "LATEST NEWS...";	$res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM news WHERE added + ( 3600 *24 *45 ) >".time()." ORDER BY added DESC LIMIT 2");if (mysql_num_rows($res) > 0){$button = "";$id = "";	while($array = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))	{		$id .= $array['nid'];		$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='index_newsbox".$id."'>";//ID for jQuery to work...				$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#' id='toggle_all'>";			$HTMLOUT .= "Toggle All";		$HTMLOUT .= "</a>";					if (get_user_class() >= UC_ADMIN)			{				$button = "				<div style='float:right;'>					<a href='#'>Edit</a>						 					<a href='#'>Delete</a>				</div>";			}						$HTMLOUT .= "			<div class='news_headline'>				<span class='span_news_headline'>					{$array['headline']}n				</span>								{$button}			</div>n";						$HTMLOUT .= "<div style='display:none;' class='news_body'>";							$HTMLOUT .= "<span style='float:right;'>".get_date( $array['added'], 'TINY' ) . "</span>n";				$HTMLOUT .= nl2br( $array['body'] );						$HTMLOUT .= "</div>n";				$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//end of news ID/jQuery...	}}$HTMLOUT .= box_end_full_size();

This is my jQuery/JS code:

$(document).ready(	function()	{		$('#index_newsbox').toggle(			function()			{				$('.news_body').slideDown();//specific news-body...			}, 			function()			{				$('.news_body').slideUp();//specific news-body...			});	});$(document).ready(	function()	{		$('#toggle_all').toggle(			function()			{				$('.news_body').slideDown();//all news-body...			}, 			function()			{				$('.news_body').slideUp();//all news-body...			});	});

I want 2 things here. First is to make a simple <a href> link that can toggle ALL news-body div classes to slidedown and up, (does not work yet).


next is simple, i wonna do this for each and one of the divs also. Meaning making some sort of ID to the jQuery/JS so it will chose the specific div-box to deal with...


now, as you see, i have maked an $id inside the PHP for the div (id from table inside DB). From here im stuck a little bit, coz this is my first kind of project with jQuery, i always used normal JS. This seemed a little bit more simpler, and yet, i stuck, how dramatic -.-'...


Anyhow, would be great if anyone could drop in with an idea on how to fix this one!


Thanks as always! :D

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Are you sure toggle() is the correct method? I thiink you may be using it incorrectly. I also think maybe slideToggle() is what you want.


I'm not really sure what your other question means.

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i found the jQuery method/code (most of it) here:




so i think i got it right, it worket on the demo i downloaded from their website, and they only used div's there also. So i dont see the problem here.


Basicly, i wonna make 2 things.


First i wonna make a simple link in the top of the news div named toggle (or something like that), that link should then have a id so it could be used by JS. This link should now be able to un-slide ALL news div's at once in one click.


Next, i wonna make a link out from each and one news div named slide (or something like that), and then make it slide the current element it is on.


Hope you understood that one :)...

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Play with this. Notice that you can use the same class names as many times as you want. You don't need special id's.


<!DOCTYPE html><html>    <head>        <style type="text/css">            .slide {                display: none;                background-color: #ccc;                width: 100px;            }        </style>        <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.9.1.min.js"></script>    </head>    <body>        <p class="trig">Slide</p>        <div class="slide">            <div>                <p>stuff</p>                <p>stuff</p>                <p>stuff</p>                <p>stuff</p>            </div>        </div>        <p class="trig">Slide</p>        <div class="slide">            <div>                <p>other stuff</p>                <p>other stuff</p>                <p>other stuff</p>                <p>other stuff</p>            </div>        </div>        <script type="text/javascript">            $(".trig").click(function () {                $(this).next().slideToggle("slow");            });        </script>    </body></html>

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So to get this straight, i dont need special id's to identifie them inbetween each and one that is selected? Oo...


what if i needed an image to change when dropping down? You know, plus to minus etc?...


Ideas on how to combine that part? Oo...




i have tried this js:

$(".news_headline").click(function (){	$('.news_body').next().slideToggle("slow");});

is it correct? And it does not work's still...


i need the class .news_body to fade-out once clicked on .news_headline (or the div)... is it because the div is not clickable? Or just me? Oo...

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If you have several class names of .news_headline, and you click one using


means it will target ALL '.news_body' to apply slide toggle, you need to target '.news_body' directly below the '.news_headline' that was clicked

$(".news_headline").click(function (){    $(this).next('.news_body').next().slideToggle("slow");});

next() targets the next sibling, from the current selector '.news_body', but you don't have a sibling following this?

are you targeting the child span? well because you have

<div style='display:none;' class='news_body'>

the slide toggle won't be shown because its parent above is hidden and does not change, maybe you mean

$(".news_headline").click(function (){    $(this).next('.news_body').slideToggle("slow");});

It should target the next sibling of ".news_headline", which WOULD be '.news_body' and will adjust display: value.


ALSO it SLIDES it does not fade.

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Hello, and sorry for late reply as always, lol x).


I have some few other projects running at same time, and tried to run jQuery on those also, for fun to see if it made a different. And it did not, not even your code worked...


So i stepped back a second and was thinking, i took at look at my codes for a while, and i (think) i found the solution.


My old code:

// JavaScript Document$(document).ready(	function()	{		$('#right_column').toggle(			function()			{				$('#right_content_wrapper').slideDown();			}, 			function()			{				$('#right_content_wrapper').slideUp();			});	});

The problem lies at line: 4


i changed like so:


Only problem now, is when i click on the right column, it DOES take it up, but for GOOD. Wont get down again when i click the damn column, any ideas?


Still working on it, but will go on vacation for 2 weeks tonight (turkey). So will take my laptop with me and check if i can get a internet working at my hotel, if so, i get online again if i find a solution :).

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You have to be careful in applying two events that apply toggle to the same elements (1 to slide up/down individually, one to slide up/down ALL) , as they individually store the state on which they are at after being clicked, as you WILL end up with open or closed conflict. You have to click the same link/button twice so to catches up to the correct state before moving onto the alternative state, so in this instance nothing seems to happen on the first click.

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Hey, writing from Turkey, so the net might be a little slow.Anyhow, so what you are saying is there might happend a conflict if clicked to much? Why? I mean, i dont quite understand.Should i add them individually? How can i recognize them from each and one so the script runs without error? Could i add a if/else statement in the script saying that if it's drop-down (the first click) has been made, then run drop down, else up?...And if so, any ideas how to write it? Oo...

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