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Problem with font

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I'm trying to change the font of my blog title. Somehow, I'm screwing it up.


I installed two web fonts, one to use as the title and one to use as the tagline. The font for the tagline works just fine. The title, however, won't take, it just keeps defaulting to serif.


Here is why I'm lost:

1. I can use Cinzel (the font I want as the title) as the tagline and it works just fine.

2. I can change the title to Verdana (or any other random font), and that works fine, but when I try Cinzel, it goes back to serif.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Here's the blog.

@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cinzel);@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Parisienne);/*** header ***/#title-area #title {text-align:center; text-transform: uppercase;}#title-area #title a{font-family: 'Cinzel', serif;}/*** tagline ***/#title-area #description{text-align:right; font-family:'Parisienne', cursive; color:palevioletred; font-size: 20px;}

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Also having another font issue. The tagline font displays fine when I open the site on my laptop, but on our second laptop, it shows the default font, not my chosen web font. Both are running the latest Firefox.


What's confusing me further is that on the second laptop, when I open my current Blogger blog, the same web font displays just fine...just not on the WordPress blog.

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