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Get Message From GMail And Write It To Mysql Table


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Now I can do is it connect to Gmail but I don't know how to fetch a message only for "@123mobile.com" this domain name.
if ($mbox=imap_open( $authhost, $user, $pass ))
echo "<h1>Connected</h1>n";
$check = imap_mailboxmsginfo($mbox);
echo "Date: " . $check->Date . "<br />n" ;
echo "Driver: " . $check->Driver . "<br />n" ;
echo "Unread: " . $check->Unread . "<br />n" ;
echo "Size: " . $check->Size . "<br />n" ;
} else
echo "<h1>FAIL!</h1>n";
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I use imap_check instead of imap_mailboxmsginfo to get information about the mailbox, including the number of messages, and then loop through and use functions like imap_headerinfo and imap_body to get information about each individual message. You can get the from header and check it for whatever you want.



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