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hi all,

I am using ...

function iteminfo(theinfo) {var infoitem1 = theinfo;outinfoitem = document.getElementById("info_of_news");outinfoitem.innerHTML = infoitem1;}

to pass a string (readable text for users) but the string i am passing has a character limit.

how do i up the limit so i can send a paragraph of text instead of a sentence?

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i can not fine the problem.

i am outputting from php while loop...

$list_body .= '<div class="boxHeader" align="left"> <a href="#" title="News" onclick="return false" onmousedown="javascript:toggleNewsContainers('view_news'); javascript:itemname('' . $news_title_3 . ''); javascript:iteminfo('' . $news_info_3 . '');">' . $news_title_3 . '</a></div><br />';}

it can output sentences fine but paragraphs is a problem.

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There's no character limit in Javascript. Maybe the text contains line breaks, which you need special handling for in Javascript, you can't have a line break in the middle of a string. You would need to replace line breaks with a "n" sequence in the text. Maybe you're running into a character limit in a field in a database. It's hard to guess what the problem might be, but Javascript doesn't have a character limit for strings.

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