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PHP variables using while statement!


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Hello guys!!! :good:


I think I need some help here... I have make a database query and some variables that take values from this query. Variables look like this...

$photo_1  = $photos_itemrow->photo_1;$photo_2  = $photos_itemrow->photo_2;$photo_3  = $photos_itemrow->photo_3;$photo_4  = $photos_itemrow->photo_4;$photo_5  = $photos_itemrow->photo_5;

What I want to do is to make this variables using WHILE for example. Something like this...

$count=1; while ($count <= 5){${'photo_'.$count} = ${'photos_itemrow->photo_'.$count};$count++;}

Or like this...

$count=1; while ($count <= 5){${'photos_itemrow->photo_'.$count};$count++;}

But none of those two way is working!!! Does anybody have any idea how to do this???Thank you in advance!!!

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JQuery is like JS, works on clientside. mixing with php wont work. can you tell what are you trying to accomplish actually?

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