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JavaScript for loop problem

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Hi Guys,
I am teaching myself JavaScript. This little program works but I am unable to pass the result to onclick. Could you please help. Thanks.
<!doctype html>
<h2> 12 Times Table </h2>
function 12Times()
var times=1
for (times =1;times<=12; times++)
alert(times + " times 13 is " +(times * 13) + "<br>");
<input type="button" onclick="12Times()" value="12Times">

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It looks like you're missing the opening and closing braces { } for the for loop.


Also to note, the times variable, you can set it inside the for loop instead, like this: for(var times = 1; times <= 12; times++)

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Sorry, I thought it might be better without a for-loop for this. The tutorial for-loop is here...




You shouldn't begin any identifiers with a number, so id's or function names or variable names should start with a letter. Use something like f12 rather than 12f.

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>13</title><script>window.onload = init;var times;function init() {times = 1; out = document.getElementById('out');document.getElementById('btn').onclick = times13; }function times13(){ if (times <= 13){out.innerHTML += times + " times 13 is " + (times * 13) + "<br/>";times++;}else{times = 1;out.innerHTML = '';}} </script></head><body><h2> 13 Times Table </h2><input type="button" id="btn" value="13Times"/><br/><br/><div id="out"></div> </body></html>
Edited by davej

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Thanks DaveJ.


Your respond was very helpful.

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