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Off-Topic: Avoiding Bad Reputation


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Hi, guys.


This question is a bit off-topic, but I rather ask it here than any other site because I know there are some very good developers on here and I'd appreciate their answers more.


I've recently started re-skinning HTML pages, as in, moving the content of a page into a different page layout. Basically changing the footers and headers and leaving the content the same. I had an issue of coming across a badly coded page, which I fixed and submitted to the customer. The problem is, the customer doesn't want those errors fixed because it affects the CSS a bit, a CSS bug which I tried to fix but the customer would not accept it. He wanted the re-skinning of that page with those errors still there. I explained to the customer that I do not code that way I would never submit low quality work like that. The customer acknowledged, and feeling a bit conflicted I went ahead with the customer's request.


I know some customers don't know about HTML rules and what not, but this customer has no excuse for not knowing this. What can I do about doing this type of work? Technically I am meeting the requirements the customer is requesting and it's not like I can complain to my boss because its within the work that I'm suppose to do. I want to avoid giving myself a bad reputation and I certainly do not want other employers seeing that I even touched this.


It does not stop there, it is very likely that I will be having to do this again very soon. I don't want to lower my standards, but I am obligated to do my job. It's a bit of a conundrum.

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From a non-professionals opinion.......


Put a disclaimer, commented out of course, in the code.


/* This page is coded to the customers standards, NOT MINE! */


I don't know if it would do any good or if it's even allowed, but it's worth a try.

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It's hard to respond without the specific details, but I would always try to find a workout that is both correct and also satisfies their requirements. If necessary I would point out the problems with keeping it the way it is, what it means for compatibility or whatever else applies to the particular situation.

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