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Help needed from a volunteer PLAYER/web PROGRAMMER (Charity project)


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I am working on a charitable project. I am going to build and run a music-web-video-player-website TO SUPPORT / PROMOTE UNKNOWN TALENTED SINGERS, MOSTLY BEGINNING TALENTED SINGERS. There're so many talented singers but nobody knows them. Usually young people, teenagers. They usually sing at home in their bedroom, toilet, bathroom and maybe in a school / church. Many of them, they stop singing just because they have to study and find a "proper" job where is a sure salary. (Usually their parents insist on them to do so.) What a pity, by this way, so many talented beautiful voices are lost for ever. I want to build and run such website where I will be playing their singing in one main web video player like in a TV but not live (with better way...the technical specification of project SEE below). I believe, such website will become well-known like MTV with big number of viewers to support / promote unknown talented singers to get fans for them so that they could make a living by singing, in the future, so that their talents and beautiful voices could not be lost for ever.

I already have carefully selected thousands of talented beginning singers (their videos) on my Youtube channels but because YouTube has very restricted features, especially, NO player where I could play hundred thousands (UNLIMITED number) of videos in ONE web video player like in a TV and the quality of YouTube features is going down and down, I created a great charity project of website for talented unknown singers where non-singing viewers as well as singers will love to watch the singing videos and will have a space for their creative work. I am going to move all my playlists (thousands of videos), where are carefully selected talented unknown singers, from my YouTube channels to my new future website, (at the beginning) and then I will be adding new and new videos, every day for every year for all the rest of my life. This is the most hard work because NOT everybody is able to select the right videos that viewers love to watch, and NOT everybody is able to regularly spend so much time with making selection. However, I am not any programmer. I need a help. I need someone who is a charitable computer geek or an internet charitable freak, someone who has programming skills / knowledge and with a passion for music and who will love to participate with a passion in this charity project.. As a return for your help, I can offer free space on the website. I am open for an arrangement. Offers, Questions, Details of the "Talented-Singers-Project", I will send on request: Please email me at amertasaATgmailDOTcom. Thank you. Please, note, this is a charity project. So, if you do not want to help as a volunteer but you want money, do NOT contact me. Thanks. .I do NOT ask a volunteer for making that website in one week or so. I just mean a volunteer who has the passion making very interesting, unique, unrivalled websites, can take it as a hobby (for example ONE HOUR PER WEEK), any time the volunteer has the good mood and free time for it, and enjoy he/she is making something new that doesn't exist on Internet, and widen/extend his/her knowledge plus helping changing so many lifetimes of young people (MOSTLY UNKNOWN BEGINNING TALENTED SINGERS) already from the beginning since they are young, since the age there is the chance to start a career as a singer. ONE HOUR PER WEEK: Take it as a hobby. When the project will be finished (in one year or so), it doesn't matter. The most important for me is the great result. In some technical things I can make a compromise but in some ones I cannot. Because I want to make something successful, not something what is similar to thousands of other websites. It would not help the beginning singers, because their such website would have a minimum views. That's why still almost nobody would know about the talented beginning singers.

I do have a few EMPTY testing websites. If there are volunteers who are interested in my charity project, I will tell them the Login Details (username, password) for those empty websites, and If you find a free time sometimes (for example ONE HOUR PER WEEK), you can experiment according to my project, on the website. I will keep the testing website open only for you. .

I write here all the main specifications because I just would like to let volunteers know what skills / knowledge they should have so that they do not waste their and my time: I received some offers from people who love my project and would like to help as volunteers but they gave it up, later, because they do not have so large skills / knowledge:

. So that you can easily understand WHAT FEATURES that web video player and the website has to have, I write them below: . . . 1) Adding unlimited number of embedded videos: I or/and singers who will have my permission (to keep high-quality of the singing), will be pasting unlimited number of URL links (or video ID's / iframe?) into a playlist (probably into database / a video rotator? An interface is necessary.). These videos will be automatically played in THREE players:

- In the MAIN player like in a TV on the MAIN public page (the front end). Here will be played ALL the videos from ALL the singers.- In a Little Player in a Little Page. Every singer will have own Little Page on the main page where will be the main player, as well. Here, in the individual Little Pages, will be played ONLY those videos that are ONLY from an individual singer.- In the player on own Large singer's Page. Every singer will have OWN Large Page where will play ONLY own videos. This player will have a public playlist...2) The Little Pages will be in a galery on the MAIN public page. The Little Pages will be moving: In the top left corner will always be the singer's Little Page whose video has been played in the main player just in that moment. The videos from those singers' Little Pages that already were played, will be moving to the right and down (the direction like when you read a text). There will be another mode of the galery: Newest added video. The direction of the moving of the Little Pages will be the same...3) Only those singers who will have my permission, will be allowed to fully customize own Little Page:Size of the Little Page, upload photos/pictures (as the background or separately, any position), add anywhere a text, choose font and their colors, colors of backgrounds/lines, active links (to singers' YouTube channel / web pages), etc...4) Every singer who will have my permission, will be allowed to fully customize own Large Page:Upload photos/pictures (as the background or separately, any position), position of the player, add anywhere a text, choose font and their colors, colors of backgrounds/lines, active links (to singers' YouTube channel / web pages), etc...5) Under the MAIN player always will be a singer's name / nickname whose video has been played PLUS singers' names / nicknames whose videos were played, so that viewers can easily find up their Little Pages to open their Large Pages where they can see their playlists of ALL their own videos...6) Because this main page will be very heavy, there will be light version where will be ONLY the main player. Nothing more. The light version will be good especially for mobile telephones and tablets...7) No video will be repeated (except exceptions):

Playing videos RANDOMLY = (where absolutely nothing will be repeated before ALL the videos are played, even after repeatedly restarting a computer by any individual user. (Probably using Cookies and a custom embedded video rotator?).): The web video player will know which songs already were played by each individual viewer so that NO song could be repeated FOR each individual viewer! (except exceptions: SEE below) . .8 ) Repeating concrete videos: If I want, I will make settings for some concrete videos how many times some concrete video will be played (repeated) = percentage rate to all the number of videos in the playlist, to be able to promote concrete songs / videos. (Probably using a custom embedded video rotator?) . .9) "Annotations" WITH (and without) THE DIRECT LINK to any web page on Internet: (I mean the same feature like it is on YouTube where you can write any text you want on the screen of the player and after you click on the text, you are automatically redirected to any other page on internet (in a new window), for example: "CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SINGER ON YOUTUBE." After one click on this sentence it will open a singer's original channel on YouTube or any other web page (in a new window). BUT I think, this one is not possible because the videos willl be embedded. But if you have any idea? Maybe below the player? . .10) The web video player has to be played in ANY media: (for example: in any computers: desktops, laptops/notebooks, ipodes, any telephones, tablets, (MP4 if connected with internet) or whatever. (In MP3 players as an internet radio only = only audio, of course). But adding videos (uploading, pasting the links) has to be done ONLY once = only one format of the links (uploadings) for each video because I will be adding a huge number of the links (of uploadings) every day. That's why I will NOT have any free time to be pasting more formats of the links / uploading videos for each video. BUT I think this one is already solved because the videos will be ambedded from YouTube and that's why I cannot make any changes about it. . .11) Standard features: Full Screen, Skip the video ("forward" ) = SEE below, Volume, Mute, Stop / Play, time of the running video / duration of the running video, change quality, Autostart the web video player, Autonext every video. . .12) "Forward" ("skip) the song (video): If an individual viewer clicks the button: "forward" ("skip") the song (video), the player will play the next video and NOT play this song (video), any more, until all the playlist has been watched by that viewer. (Because the player will think, that viewer does not like this song (video).) By this way it will work (=it will remember it) ALSO even after restarting individual computers. . .13) The problems with "buffering": Viewers will NOT wait for "buffering". I think this one is solved because the videos will be embedded from YouTube. And YouTube has good service for this one. . .14) The website will appear in search engines in the frontmost placings on the first Google Page. I've heard there're some clever ways? Any ideas? . .15) Continuously backup (with only one click) every embedded video (the list = all the content of the player including all the codes) from my website (that is on a webhosting) to some Internet free unlimited storage. .

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Is there an actual charitable organization associated with this, or are you just looking for someone to work for free?


I'm glad you're not expecting this to be done in a week, because that list of features (frontend and backend design, administrative section, user accounts with dynamic and editable profile pages, a custom media player that apparently works in every device ever manufactured, transforming uploaded videos to all necessary formats, search engine optimization, etc) is probably a 300-500 hour job, at a minimum. At the rate of 1 hour per week, you're looking at 6-10 years for implementation. In other words, this is a full time job for several months. That's a ###### of a thing to ask someone to do for free without any possibility of revenue sharing or any other compensation down the line. If I was quoting this I would probably charge around $50,000 total, assuming that I'm not sharing any revenue. If I have a partial ownership stake or revenue sharing agreement then I would charge less based on that. I'm assuming you're looking for something relatively on the same level of professionalism as a site like grooveshark.com or pandora.com.


If you're looking to do this without a budget, you are not going to be able to. Hosting costs alone are going to be high if you are hosting all of these videos yourself. Bandwidth is not very cheap, and if you expect any substantial traffic then you'll be looking at dedicated servers with at least a 20Mbps connection. If you want to be able to serve thousands of people at once then you'll be looking at least at 40-50Mbps. Backup is another expense, you aren't going to back up a site like this on some free backup system somewhere, you need a dedicated backup server on the same network. Moreover, while Flash-based media players are great for desktops and several mobile devices, Apple mobile devices do not support Flash so you'll need an alternative for devices that don't support Flash (but hopefully support HTML5). In short, this a large project that is going to require several months of time investment in order to implement. You haven't mentioned maintenance, but maintenance and new features going forward are going to be a continuing expense as well, this is basically a full-time job.

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